Welcome to AUTOTECH Cumbria

Autotech Cumbria can give time and understanding to a headache job that is causing you a problem. We can fill in the gaps or finish a job that has been hanging over you for a while. Most importantly WE COME TO YOU!

Calling ALL Garages!

  • Do you have a vehicle giving you a headache?

  • Do you struggle to afford the time needed to get a vehicle back to health?

  • Problems with finishing a repair due to a new part needing to be coded / initialised?

  • Feel like you lose control of a repair when you have to get the dealer involved?

  • Just want a fresh set of eyes to look at a vehicle fault?

  • Do you have a vehicle with a warning light on or obscure running / starting fault?

What we can offer?

 Live data analysis – beyond DTC

 Software Updates

 New unit initialisation

 In-depth diagnosis

 Non – intrusive testing

 Solve wiring problems

 Trace problematic faults

 Reduce the chance of dealer visits